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.users, an activist group
Visual identity articulating around the logo, created from a very tight tracking and playing on opacity between glyphs. Every word begins with a point, as the logo, supposed to remind the web syntax. The activist group is declined in several subgroups (a magazine, a publishing house, a music label, cultural events). The main thematic is art and the internet.
Typefaces: Calibre, by Kris Sowersby (Klim Type Foundry, 2011) and Stanley, by Ludovic Balland (Optimo, 2012)
Dimensions (posters): 60 × 90 cm.

userslogo users1 users2 users3 usersall couvusers1 couvusers2 couvusers3 couvmagazine magazine1 magazine2 magazine3 magazine4 magazine5 magazine6 magazine7 magazine8